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Meet Your Bounce Back Coach

A Woman with vision and a indomitable spirit with the iron will to win no matter what obstacles came her way. Bridgette’s get back-up fighting spirit would never let her quit.

She has learned hard lessons in the valleys of life but gained wisdom and insight during the process. And she wants to show you the way so that you can have you own bounce back experience.

Image by Pau Casals

"Her STORY behind the Mask" 

My Bio

At the age of seventeen I was sexually assaulted and raped by my first boyfriend. Michael was completing his freshman year in college I thought we were friends, but he had other plans. That life altering event happened years ago, but I never forget how it made me feel. I learned about pain, shame, and fear. That one selfish act changed my view about life and my relationship with men.  


At the tender age of twenty-three I was in love with a man I thought I would spend the rest of my life with. My future husband pursued me restlessly, I blindly believed my marriage was based on love, mutual respect, and trust. It was all smoke and mirrors I married the wrong Man.  I was naïve with no street smarts I thought if a Men gave his word that was like money in the bank. I have learned much about the wrong kinds of relationships I've had a few so I know firsthand what it feels like to be in a toxic dysfunctional relationship and marriage. 


My life plan was not clearly defined, and I did not know who I was yet or who I would become.  The Man I thought I was marrying turned out to be an imposter. I married a cocaine selling drug dealer.  Blinded-sided by his charm and polished demeanor my marriage was filled with lies, deceit and broken promise's I was always on a emotional rollercoaster. 


The first time he put his hands on me it shocked me. Moving from place-to-place and losing myself in the process I eventually lost everything. By the time I realized what was happening I was pregnant with our first child. The lies continued eventually I ended up homeless living on the street with no place to go.  


It took years to disconnect from the pain and heal emotionally after leaving that relationship I eventually filing for divorce.Those events happened many years ago, but I have never forgot how each event help to build my resilient tenacious spirit creating a resolve to get back in the game of life and eventually bouncing back.   


Remember, you are not defined by what happened to you.  The burning fire inside of you to regain your power and fight for your destiny cannot be tamed, shamed, or stopped.