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Her mission in life is to inspire, educate, transform, and empower Women to reach their full potential. Bridgette is the founder of The Bounce Back Academy ™ a personal development brand teaching Women how to walk in their purpose. 

I help Women exit toxic relationships and stop self-sabotage. I help Women create a customized map and a road to recovery plan. I help women get clear, gain clarity and renewed confidence. For the young ladies who have experienced relationship trauma. I share steps I use to teach other Women to push past their mental blocks keeping them stuck in a wrong relationship.

Marrying the wrong man at the tender age of twenty-three changed the course of Bridgette’s life, behind her ex-husband's radiant smile was a deceptive controlling cocaine addicted drug dealer. Her former spouse's immoral behavior could have cost Bridgette her life. Always on edge, shaken and second guessing every decision, she learned not to trust herself. The relationship was emotionally draining and toxic. His actions caused self-doubt and low-self-esteem until Bridgette discovered she was strong beautiful, smart, creative, resourceful, and powerful. 

Through every challenge, obstacle and roadblock Bridgette developed mental toughness and inner resolve to never quit when life got tough. As a mentor, and bounce back coach, Bridgette specializes in helping Women change the course of their lives move into purpose, past life disruptions, conquer fear and find hope. She will help you do the deeper work releasing the emotional, mental, and physical weight and letting go of past trauma keeping you stuck. 

Traveling the country, sharing her story of resilience, empowering Women to never give up when faced with adversity. Her story inspires others to move beyond their present circumstances.  The of Author of two books “From Pitfalls to Purpose” and “The Bounce Back" six simple steps to rebuild, restore your mind, body, and spirit. My books teach Women how to rebuild recover and bounce back. 

My life is living proof it is possible to recover from a family crisis, a failed marriage and homelessness. 

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