Have you read  my book "From Pitfalls to Purpose?"

“From Pitfalls to Purpose"was written with a message of hope, healing, and transformation. It is about self-love, shifting your mindset, and detoxing your life and reclaiming your power.


I don’t want to give away to much, but I’ll say this...........

*I wrote it for the Women who finds herself in a repeated cycle of unhealthy or toxic relationships.

*I wrote it for the Women who see’s the red flags in her marriage but doesn’t trust her intuition enough to walk away.

* I wrote it for the Women who is tired of hiding behind her mask acting as if everything  is ok when everything is spiraling out of control.

*I wrote it for the Women who doesn’t know how truly beautiful she is on the inside.

*I wrote it for the sexual assault survivor who feels afraid to share what really happened to her.

“From Pitfalls To Purpose” May or may not be for you. But you know someone who needs my message of hope, healing and transformation.














Autographed copies are available  $35.00 cost includes the shipping 

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