Definition of bounce back: To return quickly to a normal condition after a difficult situation or event.

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Coach With Bridgette

“Bridgette shows you how to create a powerful, positive mindset. ​I am here to aid, guide and teach you strategies. No matter your circumstances. No matter the roadblocks standing before you, You're not stuck you have the power to Bounce back.​​"

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There's nothing more gratifying than helping Women turn their lives around going from where they are now to where they want to be. I offer coaching in three area: Dumping debt, Get the Love you desire, dating during the pandemic, choose the support and coaching session that's right for you.

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1. Question

First, I ask a bunch of questions; You may not know all the answers, but it’s in the questions we discover what is possible for your life.


It’s time for my work: doing analysis and creating strategy, finding where you are in your life and creating the roadmap so that we can map out your future. 


Action is the antidote for despair, and it leads us to the results. Each session you have specific actions to work towards the plan created. I hold you accountable to YOUR plan and roadmap.. 

I support and Coach Women in three key areas, Healing and Self Development, Dumping Debt, and Exiting Toxic Relationships

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Dumping Debt Course.....

*Does your financial life need a bit of TLC?


* Struggling with debt? Is your credit cards spending out of control?

*Are you struggling to rebuild your financial life from the ground up?


*I'm help Women change their financial mindset about money. No matter where you are in your financial journey, it’s never too late to start over and get good with money. 

*You may know my story of losing everything I own. I had massive debt + job loss and a condo foreclosure a low credit score. 

My life-changing "Money Goals" course was designed with you in mind. This course is all about creating goals that matter deeply to you instead of just doing what some guru tells you to do with your money.


Let's create your healthy money story. If you've set financial goals in the past but lost interest on the journey to achieve them or simply aren't sure where to start, this course is for you. We'll get up-close-and-personal with how you want to feel about money, and what you want to achieve. I'll layout the steps to actually get you there.


"Say what"? By the end of this course! You'll be inspired, confident and ready to face your money challenges head on. 


This coaching course is a complete half day course

Your Investment $497.00

Exiting Toxic Relationships  


You Deserve Better 

*I help women just like you tap into their power. Who says you can't have it all and all at one time?

My philosophy is that you can be a successful business  Women have and amazing career and a blissful relationship.  So where do I come in? My desire is to help you to STOP wasting time and attract a man who is really "about that life".

I talk to women weekly about dating the wrong men. In my program you will learn how "Date with a Purpose" connect with yourself ask for what you want in a deep meaning relationship without apologizing for it.

In this class, get ready to learn how to:

- Understand #1 thing Men Desire in a woman

- How to have men see you as the prize 

- How to keep a man interested in you

- 3 tools to increase your attraction factor

"Until you change your story about love, you will continue to attract the same kind of of man.  "Let's change your ending." 

Registration is officially open

If you haven’t registered yet, what are you waiting for?



Your Investment $497.00

If a Man is Interested in you he will Pursue you! 

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Is He Wasting Your Time...💍

*Relationship Empowerment:  I share ALL the details of how I meet the man I called King prior to the world shutting down and how we started dating during the pandemic.


* I help women discover the art of feminine communication. 

*Are you open to *virtual* dating? Let me help you position yourself to meet the one in this season.

*Sometimes what you desire is on the other side of your sacrifice & before you lower your standards remember your desires matter to God.

*You will learn a new way of dating that will set you apart and help you navigate your relationships from a place of femininity and confidence.


*In my program you will learn how to connect with yourself ask for what you want in a deep meaning relationships without apologizing for it.

In this HALF DAY WORKSHOPS I hosted a half-day workshop with sharing how to awakening your Feminine Power.

Your Investment $497

Research shows that finding your purpose is linked to living longer


How To Find Your Purpose 


The Importance of Finding Your Purpose 

*Did you know that approximately 85% of people strongly dislike their current jobs? Whew, that means there’s a whole lotta fake smilin’ going around, huh?


*I want to teach you how you can turn your passion, skills & expertise into a bonafide lucrative side hustle which eventually become my full time job working from home using my Gift of Gab. I was able to make over 6 figures from my side hustle while working my  9-5 creating the freedom and financial security I craved.


*I am passionate about teaching Women of how to create lucrative side hustles with a purpose, while generating sustainable wealth. My passion for  teaching came from my late Mother Sara.  She was incredible teacher and educator. After losing my job, and, experiencing financial trauma,


I realized that I could take my skills as a educator and teacher Women to launch a brand new career. I spent ten years as an Academic Advisor guiding the undergraduate careers of students to reflect their academic, personal and career path goals, while working at University of Southern (USC), Westwood College and Brooks College of design and I want to do the same for you.

Your Investment $497

My bounce back coaching program for Women is now open for enrollment. Get crystal clear on the short-term actions that lead to long-term goals you needs to accomplish. 

Get ready my courses, masterclasses and coaching will help you gain clarity on what you say you want.  If you'd like to focus on one particular area of concern we can do that. If there is one are several specific area of your life where you are challenged. Let's talk about it.
When we first start working together, I’ll have you answer a series of questions designed to set our priorities and outline a plan of action for the next 30 days.

Are you ready for a change? Bridgette shows you how to create a powerful, positive mindset. I am here to aid, guide and teach you strategies. No matter your circumstances. No matter the roadblocks standing before you, You're not stuck you have the power to Bounce back.

​So I’ll leave you with these questions – Are you ready?

Exiting Toxic Relationships