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Have you ever had a moment in your life that shook you to your core? Thursday, October 26th, 2006, is a day I'll always remember it's etched in my mind forever. That day my life drastically changed My mother was in crisis she suffered a life-threatening aneurysm based on her neurologist report her odds of survival were bleak. If she survived her brain, it would be a long road to recovery. Facing twenty-two hours of brain surgery my family and I needed a miracle. 

With a skilled hand and a team of dedicated surgeons Dr. Yadegar saved my mother's life. Coming to terms with my mother’s emergency surgery and road to recovery was incredibly stressful. But it was only the beginning of what I would face. Doing my best to process the sudden changes everything else in my life begin to fall apart. I lost my job, my income, my home, and the man I was engaged to walked away. My Mother remained in hospital in a coma. All the events combined could not prepared me for what I would face over the next ten year as my mother's fulltime caregiver. 

Through every, challenge, obstacle and roadblock Bridgette developed mental toughness and inner resolve to never quit when life got tough. As a transformational speaker, hope restoring mentor and business leader and bounce back coach. Bridgette specializes in helping Women change the course of their lives move into purpose, past life disruptions, conquer fear and find hope.

We are more alike than we are different. How do you begin rebuilding your life or start over after a major loss? Losing your job, your home, a valuable relationship, and a family you love. I know firsthand what it is like to lose everything and to rebuild from nothing. Traveling the country, I share my story of resilience, empowering others to never give up when faced with adversity. Her story inspires others to move beyond their present circumstances.

I have authored two books “From Pitfalls to Purpose” and “The Bounce back" six simple steps to develop resilience while rebuilding restoring your mind, body, and spirit teaching Women how to rebuild recover and bounce back.


Helping Women reawaken their full potential, find their purpose, and reclaim their power.


I specialize in helping women turn their lives around move into purpose, past life disruptions, conquer fear and find hope.



This is your sacred space to learn forgive, grow, heal, dismantle limiting belief.



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"Here's what my clients had to say" 

Michelle Whitt Los Angeles, CA

Beautiful Girl

"I needed a clean break, and I was ready to start fresh with rebuilding my life, I knew I needed help from a seasoned coach and extensive support and personalized coaching. I completed the Bounce back assessment, I scored low in several key areas, I joined the Bounce back academy. By implementing the keys Bridgette taught in the program I am no longer in an unhealthy relationship, and I truly understand how to set clear boundaries"

Lonnie Campbell Phoenix, AZ

Young Female Student

"If you want to get to the next level, you need to find a community and a coach like Bridgette who not only supports your vision but also know how to turn your life goals into reality." She has been where you are now, hitting the same walls and conquered the same challenges you're facing right now. She knows the way through, and how to get on the other side as you face and overcome whatever challenging you're having.

 Cassidy Woodley BostonMA ‏

Image by Natali Hordiiuk

"Bridgette is transparent, she shared her wins and her losses. What I loved most about the Bounce back academy is you learn tools you can implement immediately; she empowers you to execute, take fast action and get things done. She empowers you to realize your biggest visions – in a fraction of the time you thought possible. I've recommended this program for two of my good friends."

Marni Langley, Philadelphia, PA

Young Girl with Afro

Before I started working with Bridgette I was struggling with fear, confidence, and connecting with others. I have big dreams and deep down I knew I could accomplish them, but I felt stuck and afraid. Through her work I now am opening-up to family and in my personal relationships, I have clear boundaries. I am trusting my intuition Bridgette’s support and the tools I received from Bounce back tool kit gave me the confidence I needed to move out of fear and step out and face my life and find courage.

Tina Lorenza Los Angeles, CA

Black and White Portrait

Before coming to Ms. Bridgette, I was spinning in my coaching business and personal life. I was looking for a trusted source who knew what I was going through. I had been following Ms. Bridgette for some time and always knew I wanted to work with her. When the pandemic hit, I knew I was ready to take my life and business to the next level, but I had no idea where to start. What made me gravitate towards Bridgette was her ability to be real, vulnerable, and compassionate. I loved her podcasts, and her spirit.