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Your Dreams Are Waiting!


It is possible to design your life NOW, to work, live, and thrive independent without having to wait until someday in the future? It is possible to change your life NOW, and find your true gift and life the live of your dreams? 

This is the place where ambitious Men and Women connect, build & grow. Discover how you can live your dream with "The POWER of Dream Virtual Workshop.” There has never been a more important time in history for you to unleash your full potential. I am talking about shifting the way you see yourself so that you step boldly into who you REALLY are.

Fortified with years of experience and training, Bridgette has found the strategies and shortcuts that will save you time, money, and tears. She will teach you all her secrets during her "Power of Dream hand on two-hour Virtual workshop.

​With Twenty-Five years’ experience working for a variety of Fortune 500 companies she never really fit in. During the last five years of her corporate career Bridgette faced a life alternating medical challenge when her late Mother Sara was rushed to emergency only to find her unconscious. She had to make a life and death spilt decision about her mother's brain surgery and on-going care.

Terminated from her last position as academic advisor after taking an extended leave of absence Bridgette turned inward to figure out next steps. Using her gift of communication, business development and marketing background she decided to create an immersive learning program that helps Men and Women set up profitable and purposeful businesses becoming entrepreneurs in the process.

Bridgette will share a step-by-step action guide on how to go from idea to implementation. Bridgette will offer a transparent hot seat coaching during the workshop to help you conquer what is holding you back from the life you’ve always dreamed about.


What You’ll Learn: Bridgette lays it out to teach you exactly how to:

  • Face your fears

  • Clearly identify the gifts you’ve been hiding.

  • Mastering new behavior that led to remarkable results.

  • Break unhealthy habits and forming empowering ones.

  • Unlock the single biggest secret to pursuing your dreams. 

  • Reprogram your subconscious mind to allow more abundance.

  • Are You ready to overcome feeling of self-doubt, fear and worry?


Fast-track your dreams and transform your life in this two-hour Power of Dream LIVE Virtual Workshop. Learn 5 easy steps you can use TODAY to start creating an extraordinary life.


Discover the 3 spiritual secrets write your own ticket and maximize your potential. Your dream life is waiting let's create tangible results.​


Enroll Now!!!  The Power of Dream Workshop has limited availability. This offer will not last long. Lock in your spot let's set the world on Fire!!! 

Power of Dream Workshop 

Saturday, September 14th, 2024 

12:00 - AM Pacific

2:00 - AM Central

3:00 - AM Eastern 




(Seats Are Limited Enroll Now)




You Power of Dream Action Guide Will

be emailed 48 Hour before the Workshop Starts with the Zoom Class Link

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Your Instructor Bridgette Lewis

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“A dream gives us hope for the future, and it also brings us power in the present. It makes it possible for us to prioritize everything we do.

A true multi-hyphenate businesswoman, writer, author, and transformational speaker and business coach. Bridgette has a global mandate and mission to teach, equip and empower Women to fight for their destiny encouraging them to live out their dreams.  

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