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Are You Ready to Join the Bounce back Academy? 

You’re ready to learn how to drastically change your life, I can help!  In the academy, I teach classes to help you step into your God-given calling and build the life you've always wanted. If you're want to start your own business so you can work from home and never feel as if you have to choose between work and what matters most. I can show you how. In 2007 and made a decision to walk away from my corporate job after being forced to make a choice between talking care of my critically ill Mother. No one should ever have to make that choice. 


Hey There,

I'm Bridgette Founder of the Bounce back Academy 

I'm smart, funny, creative, business savvy, living life out loud. My favorite pastime is attending car show, watching the Long Beach Grand Prix and Nascar. 

 founder and President of CoffeeTalk Los Angeles. Two-time book author, wildly successful hosting two- top-rated podcast. I'm glad you're here. Now let's get to work. 






 Are you Ready To be Coached?

She'll teach you how to love the skin you're in. Do the work you love and be paid well for it.

and have the love you desire and desire by not settling for less on your relationships


that body you love it get the love you deserve and You’re ready to learn how to drastically change your life, aren’t you? I can help!

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1. Are you Tired of trading your time for dollars? You're ready to create a life you love doing the work you love?

2. You've been playing small, and you know you’re made for more but you're not sure what the “next right steps are?" 


3. You're secretly scared to go to your next level, but you feel along, and you can't find your tribe or a group of supportive peers who are ready to celebrate your wins?

4. You've had the same goals on your visions broad for the past years and you want to know how to move forward making your dreams come to past?

Hi I'm Bridgette,

Why I created The Bounce back Academy. Each Bounce back course was designed with you in mind. I'll provide the concrete steps you need to help you get your live back on track. I want each Women who coaches with me to learn and understand a new way of thinking. It's start with a shift in your thinking. I'm just here to remind you that your environment and circumstances do not control you.
I started my bounce back journey with a fierce determination to live an extraordinary life. After experiencing my own trauma's, setbacks and life challenges. I am on a mission to empower Women to rebuild, recover and bounce back.

*Who is this Course for? It's for the Women who felts lost in her relationship or marriage? To address challenges that are unique to the mid-career job seekers, such as perceptions of overqualification.


‘How to Create Your Own Action Plan for Recovery’ is a guide for Women and Men who want to rebuild their health after a serious or long-term illness or life-altering event

1. Regaining Your Focus 

2. Rebuilding – how to gradually get your metal strength back

3. Replenishing – nourishing your body with nutrient-rich foods

4. Restoration – Relax your body and mind to support the natural healing process.


My holistic recovery plan targets the whole person and covers the entire spectrum of the healing process. The main aim is to help each Women move forward. We'll address challenges that are unique to the mid-career job seekers, such as perceptions of your overqualified. To supply job hunting rules for workers re-entering the workplace. Regardless of your background, career, or relationship status, you deserve a fulfilling life. I am here to teach you how to create that.

It is time to get unstuck! ​What is your story? Are you tired of waiting? Has your life been turned inside out and upside down?  

You want to stop settling for simply surviving, and you want to live a life with purpose? You know there must be more if you answered. You are ready to join the Bounce back Academy and our amazing community?

​Dramatically change your life. Sounds like a tall order, I know. You will learn strategies and so much more in our community and you can start using what you learn immediately.  ​You feel ready to start over, or make a BIG change? You’re here because you want to create a new sense of freedom and joy in your life?

​So, you have finally had it. You are tired of settling for mediocre. You have gotten sick of living a life that does not align with what you crave deep within? You want to live with more meaning and purpose than just day-to-day survival?

​Congratulations, I am so glad that you’ve arrived here. Even if you are at rock bottom, your desire to change is a great start. Your DECISION to change at all costs, I'll share a few strategies to get you moving it's all you need to make it happen – no matter where you are in life! I have been there. More than a few times! 

Surely there was more to life than what you been experiencing suffering and fighting to survive. There must be more to life than this. I have your answers.

 You've lost your career and your life feel like it's a free fall. 

"Losing your employment in mid-life or anytime is traumatic. But don’t panic. . . . follow the advice in this excellent guide."

Join the Community


> How long does the Bounce back Program take to complete?
The entire process is designed to unfold naturally, and most members complete it within 1-3 months. It is not a race or chore for you to complete. It’s a heart-centered transformation you’ll enjoy along the way.

> Why does the Bounce Back Academy work?
The Membership includes a life design process, where you’re guided to discover false drivers, find new drivers, cut the chains of the past, envision a new life, and start to live your life feeling beyond fulfilled! This is achieved through a 3–6-month program including videos and live coaching calls, that systematically guide you as you create your new life.

> What's included?
You get everything you need to reinvent yourself and welcome true, meaningful fulfillment and success into your life. This includes the video training, live coaching calls, tools and resources, as well as access to our global community through our private Network.

> How much time will I need?
You’ll want to set aside about 1-3 hours a week (and if you’re committed to living your greatest life, it’s the best time investment you’ll ever make). Those hours allow you to watch the videos, complete the journal practices, engage in the network, and attend the twice monthly coaching sessions. You may also want to set aside additional personal time for meditation, visualization, and reflection.

The Bounce back Academy



4 weekly live calls with Bridgette and your cohort of 6 other Women who are part of this community ready to shift and shed their old ways of thinking. 


Completion Time



Next Cohort Starting July 30, 2022 


Special 2022 Summer Pricing and Bonuses apply for details.

​The Bounce back Academy will help you define your constraining factors so you can eliminate what is preventing you from dumbing debt and leaving that unhealthy relationship and getting the love you deserve and desire.

​Get the Details here is a snapshot of what we will discussion on how to bounce back after a setback:

1) Forgive yourself

​2) Take responsibility.

3) Start dreaming again.

4) Don't dwell on the past 

5) Learn from your mistakes

6) Cultivate an attitude of gratitude

​7) Accept that it happened. As it has been said, the only way out is through and to get through anything, you must first accept the truth. 



Private Client Group, Group Calls, Course Material, 1:1 VIP Days and Masterminds and Retreats

Available Now


Varies by Tier (based on the number of monthly 1:1 Coaching Calls with Bridgette)
$165.00 - $350.00 / month


Who is it for?

The Bounce Back Academy helps women connect to other women who are in the same boat. 

This is a life changing program that has literally helped hundreds of women around the world prepare to live a life of purpose.  This program is self-paced you have access to the course content for 90 days. 

I just know we could all use a little extra encouragement and connection right now, I'm praying that the women who sign up this week walk away with all that and more. 

What does it do?  

Re-inventing your life and business with Bridgette's help. This a Powerhouse training that help you define and design what the next 12-24 month of your life will look like. Your customized Bounce back blue print impacts your income, and the personal fulfillment you desire.

Together We can move mountains

  • Attract the Perfect Mate

  • Crush your income ceiling

  • Manage your time like clockwork.

  • Get focused and reach your goals

  • Find untapped income opportunities.

  • Shift Grow your business the smart way – not by working more.

  • Reinvent your professional and personal life if that is what you desire most.

  • Help you let go of toxic personal and work relationships that no longer service you.


VIP Consulting Day


1:1 Private Consulting Day with Bridgette on Zoom


Completion Time

Choose from 4 hours or 6 hours.



Meet with Bridgette on Zoom for 4 - 6 hours to create a complete Bounce Back Blueprint for each area where you're struggling.


Personal Growth and Development Plan

Bridgette will provide you with detailed pre-work prior to your call and create your VIP Day Agenda based upon it.

You set the goals for your day. Then you and Bridgette will go to work to find solutions, create a plan, and prepare your execution plan. Your entire session is recorded. After your VIP Day, you have access to Bridgette for 4 full weeks for follow up questions via email.


People who are interested will let their excuses and negative stories get in their way. 




People who are committed will do whatever it takes to succeed. They find a way -- or they make a way. 


So if you are committed to building a 6-figure income and unstoppable mindset this year…

Confidence Sexy Photo.jpg

Your Investment $2,500.00


Michelle Whitt 

I needed a clean break and I was  ready to start  fresh rebuilding  my life, I knew  I needed a system and help from a seasoned coach and extensive support and personalized coaching. So, after completing the Bounce back assessment, I  scored low in several keys’ areas. So,  I joined The Bounce Back Academy. By implementing the strategies and techniques Bridgette taught in the program. I I am no longer in a unhealthy relationship and  truly understand  how to set clear  boundaries .

Kaylya Woods 

Bridgette  is transparent, she shared her wins and her losses. 

What I loved most about the Bounce back academy is you learn tools you can implement  immediately, She empowers you to execute, take fast action and  get things done. She  empowers you to realize your biggest visions – in a fraction of the time you thought possible.  I've recommended  this  program  for two of my good friends. 

Yolanda Evans 

If you want to get to the next level, you need to find a community and a coach like Bridgette who not only supports your vision … but also know how to turn your  life goals into reality. She has been where you are now, hit the same walls and conquered the same challenges you are facing right now. She knows the way through, and  how to  get  on the other side as you face and overcome whatever challenging your having.