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Hello and Welcome! I'm Ms. Bridgette Lewis I'm known all over social media as the Bounce back coach. I specialize in helping everyday Woman move forward after dealing with life altering circumstances.

Are you ready to rewrite your story? What are you going to do with the life you have left? Think about that for a moment. You've overcome insurmountable odds you're a survivor we have that in common. I've overcome date rape and sexual assault. I hit rock bottom financially during the recession of 2008. I lost my job, home and car everything I own was gone. I felt hopeless and I was homeless.

I didn’t think things could get worse but everything around me continued to crumble. Within weeks of these life altering events my Mom suffered a debilitating stroke. Allow me to coach you showing you how to look for the light in your circumstances.

You've been through hell and your finally ready to press the reset bottom and start life anew but your don't know how or where to start. I want to help you get your balance back.


Let's rewrite your story we'll create a custom life map to unique to your particular situation. I will show you how to reinvent, restructure and redesign those areas of your life where you're feeling lost.


I'm a transformational Speaker, Author, Mentor and Certified Life Coach. I am here to help you bounce back.




I'm on a mission to help Women shift their mindset and stand in their power. I help Women break through barriers realizing their greatest potential using their gifts to change the world. 



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The Bounce Back Podcast is a global community of Women standing together to support, celebrate, uplift and empower each other to bounce back from challenges life throws their way. 

In this community we collaborate with each other celebrating each win along the way.  The bounce back podcast is safe online digital  space where Women come together to support and build each other up. 

“If you’re going reach your highest potential you have to get good at hitting the delete button." The Bounce Back Community of Women and a few good Men was created to support your come back.

Tune in and enjoy the Bounce back podcast each week with with Author, host and Bounce back coach Ms. Bridgette She's covers a myriad of insightful personal growth topics on self-care, wealth, relationships, financial fitness, emotional and mental wholeness and self love and more. Our experts show you how to bounce back.


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