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Hello Beautiful! I’m thrilled you're stopped by. I am the Bounce back Coach and reinvention strategist. I help Women rebuild, reinvent and restructure, their lives. Are you ready to rebuild your life?

I am Bridgette Lewis, and I founded The Bounce back Academy™ I hit rock bottom financially during the Great Recession of 2008 when I lost my job, my career, my income, and my home to foreclosure. 


Weeks later my Mother suffered a debilitating stroke laying in intensive care on Life support her chances of survival were bleak. Engaged to a man I thought would stand by my side during one of the most difficult times of my life he walked away from the relationship.


Digging deep and looking at my options. I made the decision to bet on myself creating new opportunities assessing my education and marketable skills. I bet on myself building a new business from scratch and releasing my first book "From Pitfalls To Purpose "that was the start of great things to come. 


I help Women recognize and identify stumbling blocks holding them back from living and walking in their purpose. Today Bridgette show's 

Women how to turn their stumbling blocks into fuel creating the life they desire and deserve having their own bounce back moment.


You'll learn transitional strategies, keys and actionable steps giving you clarity and confidence to build your dream on your terms.  I help each Women craft a new blueprint for her life based on her current situation. 

Need help developing a new growth mindset? I know exactly what that looks like and how to move you forward, Are you ready to grow, and change, seeing challenges as opportunities?

I will share the tools and your personal (Plan of Action) If you're ready to up level your life and your confidence, you're in the right place.















Have you order my book "From Pitfalls to Purpose?"

Autographed Copy $35.00 Includes Shipping & Tracking

IIf you are ready to grow, develop and build your resiliency muscle. The bounce back podcast is your one stop shop, for information, practical tools, on overcoming and winning moving pass the obstacles in your life.

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1.1 Coaching Available Now

Each coaching session with Bridgette will teach you strategies to improve your wealth, mindset, business, emotions, health, and relationships.

1.1 Coaching Available Now


Living a rich life means experiencing abundance in every area of your life that includes your relationships. 

Discovery Call

Book a 15-minute discovery call. A discovery calls purpose is to determine whether or not you and I are a good fit as coach and client. Ready to get started? 


You’re stuck in a job that makes you question your worth, education, and value. Are you ready for change?




Are you looking for a little push to remind you that you've got what it takes to not just survive but to really thrive and max out your potential?


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