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HEY There! Welcome! I’m thrilled you're stopped by. Are you Ready to rebuild your Life? If you answered yes you're in the right place. 

I work with Women to identify their stumbling blocks turning those blocks into fuel so they can create the life they desire and deserve.

I am an Author, speaker, I am known as the Bounce back Coach and reinvention strategist. I help Women reinstructure, reinvent, rebuild and reboot their lives. 



Every creative plan and strategies start with a blue print. Your Mind is where you start. I want to encourage and enlighten that there  


Nothing that is created is made is blue bl

I teach Women transitional strategies, tips, tools, and actionable steps they can use immediately to rebuild their lives from the inside out. In other words I help each Women craft a new blue print for their life based on her current situation.   Nothing that is made is 













I’m here to help and support you on your bounce back journey from providing a safe place for you to recover.


setback so you can living your life on purpose. I will sharing the tools (Plan of Action) and the strategies (Game

If you are ready to up level your life, your confidence and reboot, restructure and reset your life. It's time for the Bounce back! 

My Story 

As a date rape survivor, I hid the pain and shameful secret of my sexual assault for years. I can tell you first hand things that are covered up and unresolved will manifest in other areas of your life.


Adding to the trauma of the prior event the man I would marry six years later was not the person he claimed to be. He was verbally abusive and he held on to his own secrets of bisexuality, selling drugs, his years in prison and his frequent crack cocaine use.


I share my story of how these selfish acts changed the trajectory of my live affecting other areas of my life from my education to my future relationships. As my world collapsed around me I was determined to win by seeking help and support while building my inner resiliency muscle.  

I teach Women how to build their resiliency muscle shifting their mindset while building their confidence. Each one of us can increase our ability to bounce back and recover from mistakes and setbacks we’ve experience.

I work with Women to identify their stumbling blocks turning those blocks into fuel so they can create the life they desire.

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"From Pitfalls To Purpose"

“From Pitfalls to Purpose"was written with a message of hope, healing, and transformation. It is about self-love, shifting your mindset, and detoxing your life while making right choices and reclaiming your power.





The Bounce Back Podcast is a global community of women standing together to support, celebrate, uplift and empower each other to bounce back from challenges life throws their way. 


Bounce back definition: Overcome, rebound, or recover returning quickly to a normal condition after a difficult situation or event.


Our special guests will astonish and amaze you with their stories of how they recovered, shifted their lives bouncing back after each personal setback. 

Below are just a few topics we'll discuss with our special guests: 


Starting from Scratch 


Quitting is not an option


Everyone fails sometimes 


Live Life On Purpose


Enjoy The Journey

In this community we collaborate with one another celebrating each win along the way.  The bounce back podcast is a safe online digital space where Women come together to support and build each other up. 

“If you’re going to reach your highest potential you have to get good at hitting the delete button." The bounce back community was created to support your come back.

Tune in and enjoy the Bounce back podcast each week with Author and host Bridgette Lewis. She shares her expertise while interviewing guest experts covering a myriad of insightful personal growth topics on self-care, love and money, exiting toxic relationships, emotional and mental wellness and more. Our experts show you how to bounce back.

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