“I help Women Who Have Experienced Trauma Move Past the Mental Blocks and Pain of their Past Teaching Them How to Rebuild, Recover and Bounce Back." 

Meet Bridgette


A published author, mentor, hope restoring transformational speaker and bounce back coach. Bridgette has a global mandate and mission to teach, equip and empower Women to fight for their destiny while encouraging them to get back-up from life’s unexpected challenges.


I help Women see what is possible after experiencing life interruptions. I help each Women create a blueprint map and road to recovery plan. I share six actionable steps to get clear, gain clarity and renewed confidence and experience breakthrough.

I know life has thrown you unexpected challenges and setbacks I have been there. I never thought I would be pregnant and homelessness walking through a messy divorce and filing bankruptcy I had hit rock bottom. I know what low-self-esteem looks like and what it feels like it is awful. You have asked yourself if you could recover or be whole again. We will take the steps together to create your customized bounce back plan. I am excited to help you rebuild your life from the ground up.

I am the right coach for you if you are ready to do the heart work and hard work. I will share the exact steps I used to bounce back, emotionally, financially, mentally, and physically. You don’t have to do it alone I will guide you with a clear plan of action. I know firsthand what it's like to lose everything and to rebuild life from the nothing.


Bridgette has authored two books “From Pitfalls to Purpose” and “The Bounce back six simple steps to develop resilience while rebuilding and restoring your mind, body, and spirit.” She has been featured on a top-rated podcast and delivering keynote presentations, workshops and sat in on panel discussions for mid-size companies and organizations.  




"No matter your circumstances. No matter the roadblocks standing before you, you're not stuck you have the power to Bounce back."

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Michelle Whitt 

"I needed a clean break, and I was ready to start fresh with rebuilding my life, I knew I needed help from a seasoned coach and extensive support and personalized coaching. I completed the Bounce back assessment, I scored low in several keys’ areas, so I joined the Bounce back academy. By implementing the keys Bridgette taught in the program I am no longer in an unhealthy relationship and truly understand how to set clear boundaries"