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Why do we give up? As a child, we have fallen many times before we learn to walk but we never gave up. We tried over again and eventually began to walk. But when we grow up, this tendency to try again is replaced with the fear of failure. Don't allow fear to paralyze your progress be willing to fall down and get back-up. I want to show you how to develop unshakable internal balance and recover emotionally.


Whether you're dealing with work-burnout, a career change fear of job security, derailment or any other serious setback, we have to become the child that does not give up, this starts with changing your mindset and your thought process. Inside my book The Bounce Back "Embrace the Disruption in Your Life and Move Pass the Pain of Your Past" I share 6 simple keys to help you bounce back from any failure and from life disruptions.

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Take a minute with me now and imagine...Living out Your Dreams.... 


Ask yourself this.... what kind of person could you become if you stripped away the limiting beliefs you’ve developed from all the setbacks you’ve faced to follow your dream?


What kind of success could you reach if you silenced the negative voice in your head, the one telling you what is and isn’t possible to achieve?


What kind of extraordinary life could you live if you set fear and self-doubts aside, overcoming the imagined obstacles that are holding you back to truly live your dreams out loud? I'm going to teach, show and equip you with the (7) keys I used to follow my dreams. You ready? 

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Care giving is an emotional journey for everyone involved........ 


Lean on each other and encourage everyone to take time for themselves to help balance the feelings, emotions, and stress everyone experiences.  It can be one of the most rewarding experiences, but it's not without its fair share of challenges. That's why it's so important for caregivers to have a strong support system while taking care of older parents and loved ones struggling with illness. Sharing the load among other family members reduces the stress on any one person, allowing everyone to take an active role and support each other in addition to their loved ones. I'm suring 


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Have you read my first book "From Pitfalls to Purpose?" Everyone's talking.....why aren't , you? 


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Autographed copies are available $35.00 cost includes the shipping 

Have you read my first book "From Pitfalls to Purpose?" Everyone's talking.....why aren't , you? 

Autographed copies are available $35.00 cost includes the shipping 

Pink Brick Wall

*I wrote it for the Women who finds herself in a repeated cycle of unhealthy or toxic relationships.

*I wrote it for the Women who sees the red flags in her marriage but doesn’t trust her intuition enough to walk away.

* I wrote it for the Women who is tired of hiding behind her mask acting as if everything is ok when everything is spiraling out of control.

*I wrote it for the Women who doesn’t know how truly beautiful she is on the inside.

*I wrote it for the sexual assault survivor who feels afraid to share what really happened to her.

“From Pitfalls to Purpose” May or may not be for you. But you know someone who needs my message of hope, healing and transformation.