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"From Pitfalls To Purpose"



Have you read my first book? "From Pitfalls to Purpose?" Everyone is talking about it.... why aren't, you? My life changing, soul shifting book will change your mind set about what is possible. I am committed to helping others gain clarity, create a strategy, and move into purpose so that they can become bold and courageous enough to passionately pursue their goals.


“Love this book for how it gives practical, easy and actionable steps and advice.” – Tina Y. Dallas 

"From Pitfalls to Purpose" Gives step-by steps instructions on how to move forward great insights and a winning formula to take action. Judy W. Boston

“Her work creates transformation that goes deeply than most other books I've read. There's a lot of therapeutic work, spiritual teaching, and personal development here. Damita L. Portland 

“Highly recommended, interesting, well-written, educational with a powerful message of hope, endurance and ultimate triumph. Valeria T. Washington


Be ready to face the truth. This book is an easy read but definitely challenges you to examine your decisions and how the decisions of others can affect your perspective. Dr. Michelle H. Los Angeles  

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No matter who you are, we all fall on hard times. Overcoming adversity is by no means easy, but there are steps you can take to make even the biggest of obstacles more manageable. I have a question for you: What are you made of? When push comes to shove, when the rubber meets the road, what lies at the very core of your character? Only you can answer the question. At the end day you have to get up and shaken off the tihng is trying to break you. 

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Why do we give up? As a child, we have fallen many times before we learn to walk but we never gave up. We tried over again and eventually began to walk. But when we grow up, this tendency to try again is replaced with the fear of failure. Don't allow fear to paralyze your progress be willing to fall down and get back-up. I want to show you how to develop unshakable internal balance and recover.


Whether you're dealing with work-burnout, a career change fear of job security, derailment or any other serious setback, we have to become the child that does not give up, this starts with changing your mindset. Inside my book The Bounce Back "Embrace the Disruption in Your Life and Move Pass the Pain of Your Past" I share 6 simple keys to help you bounce back from any failure and from life disruptions.

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Image by Scott Webb
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Imagine Living out Your Dreams.... 


What kind of person could you become if you stripped away the limiting beliefs you’ve developed from all the setbacks you’ve faced to follow your dream?


What kind of success could you reach if you silenced the negative voice in your head, the one telling you what is and isn’t possible to achieve?


What kind of extraordinary life could you live if you set fear and self-doubts aside,overcoming the imagined obstacles that are holding you back? I'm going to equip you with the (7) keys I used to follow my dreams. You ready? 

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